Found A Great Promotion Online For Auto Window Tint Near Me

I recently purchased a brand new car but for some reason it was not tinted like I wanted. The car in the showroom had much darker windows which I thought would be on my new car, but apparently that was an extra they never told me about.

After my experience with the dealership, I decided to go online to read about window tinting, what the laws were in my state and what would be best for my car. I knew that doing it myself was not an option because people who are inexperienced at tinting always do a poor job.

I found a good Austin window tint company that was advertising a very good promotion on their website. It covered four windows, plus it was a premium film. I could get my front and back windows done if I wanted, but it would cost extra money. I decided to get all my windows tinted because this area where I live is very hot.

The job came out excellent and my car looks superb. Now whenever someone asks me where to go for window tint, I always recommend the place where I had it done.

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